S.601: Don’t break it on Tuesdays and other tales: ArchivesSpace in practice

Presenters shared their exeriences implementing ArchivesSpace. Several key issues and opportunities emerged. The central challenge was Data clean-up- at the University of Rochester we only had plain html records and we've chosen to outsource conversion work to a vendir to avoid this kind of time intensive work. We have yet to upload legacy accession records, and would encounter a lot of data clean-up issues if we decide to add those records to ArchivesSpace. The opportunities … [Continue reading]

S.504: Doing more by doing less: stopping programs without regret

This session focused on terminating specific programs or services in the archive or library. Key themes included: improved efficiencies, twenty-first century library user needs and expectations, and adhering to or implementing archival best … [Continue reading]

S.310: Learning to manage/managing to learn

This session provided by a theoretical framework and practical advice for new or experienced managers. In Sasha Griffin's remarks she asked us to consider the balance between what's good for the institution and what's good for the archives? I think … [Continue reading]

Reference, Access, and Outreach Section

Today ended with the RAO section meeting. In the Marketplace of Ideas, I heard about a class scheduling system developed at Harvard, from Emilie Hardman. This is an open source platform that you can access through GitHub. Through this system faculty … [Continue reading]

S.207: Collaborating with impact: working together on archives based instruction

I had the great opportunity to speak on a panel this afternoon about a pre-college course I co-developed with a graduate student at the University of Rochester, Hands on history: telling stories with stuff. We've taught this class two summers in … [Continue reading]

Brown Bag: Facilities planning

During lunch I went to a discussion about facilities planning in light of new stardards coming out of the committee. Key take-aways included: Talk with your building manager as prjects get underway to ensure that the needs of special collections are … [Continue reading]

S.101: Archives confidential: enacting privacy policies and requirements in digital archives

For the morning session I heard Mark Myers from the Texas State Library and Archives talk about key questions and considerations for digital archives. He encouraged us to think about how to best provide access to these records when trying to protect … [Continue reading]

PM Sessions: Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference

I went to three unconference sessions during the afternoon. The first was about taking collections on the road. The road can be upstairs to a different department, to another building on campus or out for a traveling exhibit or exhibit loan. Several … [Continue reading]

Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference

I'm kicking of SAA 2015 with an unconference. Lee Ann Potter offered her thoughts to start the day. She's the Director of Educational Outreach at the Library of Congress. She encouraged us to consider what can't special collections teach us? In … [Continue reading]

Shifts and shake-ups: A conversation about ArchivesSpace implementation

The last session of the conference ended on a hig note for me, as I got to hear about how six different repositories are implementing ArchivesSpace. Several of the biggest challenges articulated by the speakers included:Developing new workflow … [Continue reading]