Part 2: Forging the Future

The second day of the colloquium began with a panel discussing how collectors, dealers, faculty and special collections librarians can and perhaps, should be working together to collaboratively build collections. Speakers addressed issues related to ideas of creating complete collection, an activity perhaps best suited for collectors, as opposed to special collections librarians. The importance of having written collection development policies and goals tat align with those also were … [Continue reading]

Forging the Future

This afternoon kicked off the first day of a two day Special Collections Colloquium, hosted at Case Western. Sarah Thomas the Vice President, Harvard Library and Roy E. Larsen Librarian for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences began our sessions and … [Continue reading]

S.16 Thoughts on Collection Development

I ended the fall conference with a session on collection development. This session offered a wide range of experiences through lightening talks by university archivists at various sized institutions, as well as experiences from those in special … [Continue reading]

S. 11 Double agents: the inside scoop from outside users

My MARAC Saturday began with a really thought provoking session on the evolving partnership between our users and us, as archivists. Two PhD candidates in History from Harvard University and one historical re-enactor spoke about their experiences … [Continue reading]

S6: Organizing for Change: an open forum with new professional group leaders

Together with four other panelists, I presented my experience starting the Rochester Early-Career Information Professionals (for more information about the group, you can refer to this previous post here) The groups discussed during this session … [Continue reading]

S. 3 Knowledge Management

I started my fall MARAC meeting with the session "It's all about change". Elizabeth Surles shared with us her use of the business framework, knowledge management, to consider change and issues related to institutional memory. Her central goal has … [Continue reading]

Leadership Summit

The Rochester-Early-Career Information Professionals, a group I co-founded in 2013 put on a Leadership Summit to offer those in the greater Rochester area an opportunity to continue their professional development. In order for early-career … [Continue reading]

Session 706: A push in the right direction: Expanding models of mentorship

For my last session at SAA I went to this morning's session about two different mentoring program models. One from the Society of Georgia Archivists focused on a formal match program that began in 2009, and moved into its second phase in 2011. … [Continue reading]

Session 603: Connecting our collections to our communities: Developing exhibit programs in archives

Ensuring that exhibits become part of a programmatic approach to outreach was the big take-away from this morning's session. I proposed and coordinated this session because I was surprised after last year's SAA how few sessions address the topic of … [Continue reading]

Session 501: Taken for “Grant”ed: How term positions affect new professionals and repositories that employ them

My big take-aways from this session include: Ensure that project archivists can fully engage in the mission and activities of the archive and where possible the library or parent organization. Encourage project archivists to continue to develop … [Continue reading]