This is me in a nutshell…

Welcome to my brand new website! I’d like to thank my partner Terran Birrell for creating it for me! I thought I’d use my first post to introduce myself…

I grew up in Connecticut and went to Mount Holyoke College, where I developed a keen interest in women’s history and conducting primary research. Following graduation, I pursued a Masters in History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. It was during the course of earning that degree that I fell in love with archival studies and librarianship through the department’s Public History concentration.

I had the opportunity to complete an internship at the Special Collections and University Archives at UMass, under the supervision of Collections Curator- Danielle Kovacs- I processed the League of Women Voters – Berkshire County collection. I also interned at the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College, where I immersed myself in oral histories that document the stories of women of color who participated in the 2008 Sister Song Conference.

More recently, during my second semester at the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, I processed the papers of the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Currently, I’m a preservation intern at the State Library of Massachusetts, where I’m working on a project funded by the NEH to preserve documents from the Massachusetts Room of the library.

In addition to or in tandem with my academic life that focuses on preserving and documenting other people’s histories- I enjoy photographing my experiences. I’ve gone through three digital cameras and try to capture as much of my surroundings as possible. In particular, I like shooting the same landscape in different seasons to document change over time. I also enjoy capturing unique architectural features on buildings. In particular, I shoot images of interesting or captivating doors and door ways.

And of course, as an archivist/librarian in training- I love to read!

Stay tuned and I’d love to read your comments!


  1. love the website! i will become a regular reader.

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