Plenary: Kathleen Roe

We kicked off MARAC with a great plenary talk by Kathleen Roe. Kathleen shared with us five challenges she has observed within the archival profession.

1. The way we do the things we do- this focus on process may not move our profession forward.
2. Records with which we work- we must ask just what is the record, and what should it be?
3. Archival education- do we have too many programs, how do we support our students, how to we conceive of the curricula?
4. Archival employment- how to we successfully advocate for our value?
5. Relationship between related groups: librarians, Historians and Digital Humanists

The overarching theme that Kathleen underscored was the importance of getting out of the weeds in the archival literature and conferences, and ask what does matter? What is our value, and how are we valued as practitioners?

I wonder how you assert your value? Comments welcome!

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