Engaging students in complex description: 3 projects, multiple languages, and EAC-CPF in the classroom

This session focused exclusively on how students, both in high school and college, can be helpful in processing collections. Valerie Addonizio from Johns Hopkins commented on her experience working with a high school teacher, two school librarians, and six students to create EAC-CPF records. Her lessons learned included:

Considering what the host institution defines as success

 How can archivists balance factual misakes with over all project completition, as well as concerns about staff time and quality control. 

Staff members, a PhD student and a recent Lehigh graduate, discussed their work to process several different kinds of collections. Hearing the impact that this work had on both the PhD and undergraduate students was really touching. Pairing students with translating skills, or subject knowledge, like engineering, can offer important benefits for both archives and students.

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