S. 105 Betting on archival futures: what’s in your restructuring wallet?

This session focused on how reporting structures within the library and archives, as well as how restructuring of units or departments can present opportunities for archivists. 

The key take-aways from the presenters were:

1. Consider how the cultural divides that exist across units will be effected by a restructuring.

2. How can we use the opportunity of restructuring to correct the often unspoken assumption that an archive belongs in a library. Does it? Should it? How can we advocate for our collections and departments in that environment?

3. Consider how the creation of new units can benefit the archives. How does a shared staffing or new staffing model offer opportunities for collaboration and increasing the profile of the archives within the library? These staff and units can often serve as a bridge to campus or community groups. 

4. When restructuring or downsizing occurs, how should you change your workflows to best meet the needs of your patrons? E.g. Changing from item level desciption to box or folder level, for the short term.

5. Challenge the status quo to advocate your collections and your unit. How does what your trying to do dovetail with broader organizational goals? 

6. Stearing your own ship: archivists have experience with manual labor, and the unique skill set of being facilities managers, stacks manager. These experiences and skills can prove invaluable when advocating for your collections, as they may not be typically found in the library.

How have you used changes in reporting structures, or restructuring to create opportunities?

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