SAA 2011

It's that time of year again- Society of American Archivist's annual conference, held this year in Chicago, Illinois. I'll be blogging session summaries while I'm there- Wednesday August 24- Saturday August 27th. Here is a list of sessions I plan to … [Continue reading]

Lessons Learned One Month into My First Grown-up Job

I've been in my new job for a month now and I've already learned a lot, so here are some of the lessons I've learned: 1. Listen a lot. I often have the urge to interrupt a colleague and try to finish his or her thought to prove how much I know or … [Continue reading]

So you ended up in Digi Jail? Now What?

So, You Ended up in Digi Jail: Now What? … [Continue reading]

How I Landed my Dream Job

I wrote an earlier post titled "There are NO Jobs out There" and received a very thoughtful comment that led me to realize the tone of my post suggested that the reason people struggle to find jobs is that they're lazy or stupid. I apologize for … [Continue reading]

Vintage Valentines at Mount Holyoke College

This past week I had the opportunity to learn about Esther Howland, an 1847 Mount Holyoke College alumna, who is credited with starting the American Valentine card industry. The Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections, where I'm … [Continue reading]

Podcamp Western Massachusetts- Implementing Social Media

Yesterday I attended Podcamp Western Massachusetts held at Westfield State University. Podcamps began to pop up about 6 years ago when social media gurus Chris Brogan and Chris Penn decided to hold an "un-conference" to learn about podcasts, the … [Continue reading]

The Classic Archives Debate Rears its Ugly Head

This past week I participated in the classic archives debate... Rectifying best practice with what is possible in a real archive. Background: My department is interested in including already digitized from analog audio files in our digital … [Continue reading]

Social Media- What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing?

Of course social media has its benefits. But there are certainly those practitioners in libraries and archives who wax sceptically about this "fad." Top 10 Reasons Why I think Libraries & Archives should expand not limit their use of social … [Continue reading]

Bibliographic Instruction in Archives

Bibliographic instruction in university archives represents just one area where practices as well as standards continuously and consistently evolve, and where archivists have the incredible opportunity to make their visitors become stakeholders and … [Continue reading]

Visit to National Yiddish Book Center

This past weekend I finished Aaron Lansky's book Outwitting History. I found his prose that related the details of his twenty- year project to rescue Yiddish books a compelling tale. I was so taken with all that Lansky accomplished, rescuing 1.5 … [Continue reading]