Records Management Literature: the language of collaboration

Literature Review The central issue related to records management in the corporate setting is often that neither the company owner nor the employees can agree on what records must be saved, which items can be shredded and in what order when a … [Continue reading]

Research guide for Women’s History

If you're looking for sources for a women's history research guide for college or graduate students take a look: 19th Century American Woman’s Suffrage Research Guide Archival and Primary Sources Beecher Family Papers. Mount Holyoke College. … [Continue reading]

Can I come back??? Archival Outreach through the reference interview

Recently, I had the opportunity to observe reference interactions at a local college's archives and special collections. Unfortunately, for archivists in training such as myself or for new practitioners there is scant professional literature that … [Continue reading]

“Earth is getting awfully big in the window!”

Tom Hanks said it best in Apollo 13 the "Earth is getting awfully big in the window!" Of course, he was referring to space travel between the Earth and moon, and I'm thinking about transitioning from being a full time Library school student to being … [Continue reading]


Today I took a tour of the Northeast Document Conservation Center given by my Preservation Management Prof. Donia Conn. The Center is located in Andover, MA and is one of a select number of such facilities in the US. If you have reference questions … [Continue reading]

Flickr of Hope

For my last session of SAA 2010 I chose to attend A Flickr of Hope: Harvesting Social Networking Sites. Lori Donovan spoke and represented Internet Archive that launched Archive-It. Beginning as a digital library in 1996, Internet Archive is now … [Continue reading]

Not on Google?

This morning I attended the session: Not on Google? It Doesn't Exist: Findability and Search Engine Optimization for Archives. Jeanne Kramer- Smyth kicked off the session with a very coherent presentation that included 4 key components to make sure … [Continue reading]

Beyond the Ivy Tower

This morning I attended "Beyond the Ivy Tower: Archival Collaboration, Community Partnerships, and Access Issues in Building Women's Collections." L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin of the University of Delaware presented on the oral history project that she … [Continue reading]

Lights, Camara… Archivists!?!

Last night I attended the Archivists in the Movies event and in addition to being an entertaining collection of movie clips from the past 60 years presented by Leith Johnson including the Bourne Supremecy and the 2nd National Treasure movie- I was … [Continue reading]

Is EAD too complicated???

Earlier today I sat in on a session dedicated to addressing the barriers to EAD implementation. According to a soon to be published OCLC- RLG survey only 70% of archives currently encode using EAD. So why is that??? As the session chair Jacquelyn … [Continue reading]