Picture it, picture it, Session 11

I ended the day with the session on graphics in the archive. my biggest take away was that the role of a digital collections (fill in the blank) is a composite role of archivist, researcher, curator and cataloger. As Cathleen Lu and Hillary Kativa … [Continue reading]

Cool Stuff: working with undergraduates in Special Collections

My favorite part of the job is to work with faculty and their students. Going to Session 10 this afternoon about using primary sources in higher education was a great way to start the afternoon. My biggest take-aways were to develop a scaffold … [Continue reading]

What do our users want? Session 2

we're focusing more in my library on data driven decisions, so I was excited to attend this morning's user experience session. Joyce Chapman, a consultant for the State Library of North Carolina, shared with us her thoughts about assessment practice. … [Continue reading]

Being an Archival Education: MARAC Plenary session

The conference began with Martin Levitt an adjunct professor, who has taught in Temple University's History Department for 20 years. He recently retired after teaching archival education classes. His talk focused on trends he has observed and a few … [Continue reading]

Multimodal Learning

I recently attended a workshop taught by John Logie of the University of Minnesota. Professor Logie shared with us experiences with implementing multimodal learning assignments into his upper level undergraduate courses. We began by exploring three … [Continue reading]

Collaboration and Community: SAA 2013

Below is the presentation and talking points for a session I chaired at the 2013 annual Society of American Archivists Conference in New Orleans: Collaboration and Community: 3 Digital Humanities Projects Slide 1 Good morning! I’m excited … [Continue reading]

Session 507: Infrastructure, agility, shared responsibility

I went to the Advancing the Ask: Proactive Acquisitions for the Modern Age. Mark Cave talked about his work with first responders after Hurricane Katrina. He conducted oral history interviews to capture their experiences dealing with the storm and … [Continue reading]

Top issues facing University archivists

I decided to branch out for the roundtable meeting this afternoon and went to the College and University meeting. We divided into small groups for discussion, which was great because we then got to talk meaningfully with a few people and get to know … [Continue reading]

Session 301: Digital Divide Continuum

The session on exploring the digital divide began with three provocative questions: 1. Are digital archivists hired into situations where they are expected to do "all the digital stuff"? What potential effects might that have? 2. If one person does … [Continue reading]


I'm a proud member of RAO, or the Reference, Access and Outreach group. Yesterday I participated in the second year of the "Marketplace of Ideas" where there are six stations and participants get 15 minutes at one of four stations during the meeting. … [Continue reading]