I write on topics ranging from collaborations across library departments, project management, and the impact of public speaking for information professionals.

Past Publications

Lori Birrell and Kristen Totleben, Collaborating for Impact: Partnerships Between Special Collections and Liaison Librarians, ACRL, Co-Edited Monograph, 2016.

Lori Birrell and Marcy Strong, “Partners in Discovery: Collaboration in Special Collections,” Archival Practice, 2014.

Website Review. Grateful Dead Archive Online. March 2013.

Birrell, Lori. “Remembering the Reformers.” Archival Outlook. November/December 2012.

Book Review. Primary Research Group. Trends in Rare Books & Documents Special Collections Management. Fall 2012.

Book Review. Theimer, Kate. Different Kind of Web. American Archivist. Winter 2012.

Birrell, Lori. Oral History Transcription. Society of American Archivists Oral History Commemoration Project, 2011- 2012.

Satter, Lori. You Want Me to Do What? Overcoming your fear of public speaking for new educators., 2010.

“The Intangibles: Tips for Job Hunting and Interviewing in the Archives Field.” NEA
Newsletter: New England Archivists. Vol. 37. No. 3, July 2010.

Review. Schlatter, N. Elizabeth. Museum Careers: A Practical Guide for Students
and Novices. American Archivist, Spring/Summer 2010.

Our Plural History, 2008.