Session 202: Lean In: Archival Management and the Gender Dynamics of Leadership

Continuing my focus on leadership, I went to the Lean In session after lunch. My big take-away from this panel was the importance of being an advocate for yourself. I'm interested in understanding more about the leadership gap in our profession and … [Continue reading]

Session 104: Leadership Lessons: Tools to Guide You and Words to Inspire You

Developing strong leaders is vitally important for the future of our profession. Framing the concept of leadership within a change matrix served as the focus of this session. The first presenter was Ann Hodges, who reflected on her time at the … [Continue reading]

Women’s Collections Roundtable

I kicked off SAA2014 with the Women's Collections Roundtable. We heard from Heather Slania, who is the Director of the Library and Research Center at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Heather presented about her work with web archiving. She … [Continue reading]

S19 Moving Archives: Challenges and Opportunities

For the Saturday morning session, I went to hear about planning for an archives move. Dan Dilandro, Theresa Altieri and Leslie Simons shared their tips for planning and executing a successful move: 1. Develop a reverse timeline to ensure deadlines … [Continue reading]

S15 Leaning in

I went to Leaning in to the Archives: Women in the Archival Profession and heard Cheryl Stadel-Bevans, L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin, Ashley Taylor and Danna Bell discuss their reactions to Sherly Sandberg's book Lean In. My biggest take aways were the … [Continue reading]

S9: Assessing assessment: Can archival processing be assessed (and should it?)

this afternoon I heard from Katy Rawdon, Courtney Smerz and Melanie Wisner about their experiences with metrics and assessment. Katy underscored the importance of understanding the differences between metrics and assessment. Metrics measure inputs, … [Continue reading]

S4: Don’t reject, Redirect!

For my first session this morning, I went to Donated Records Partnerships Projects: Collection Matching. Dawn Sherman- Fells and Meghan Ryan Guthorn co-chaired the session about the possibility of developing a shared resource to redirect donors to … [Continue reading]

Plenary: Kathleen Roe

We kicked off MARAC with a great plenary talk by Kathleen Roe. Kathleen shared with us five challenges she has observed within the archival profession. 1. The way we do the things we do- this focus on process may not move our profession forward. 2. … [Continue reading]

Digital libraries, archives, repositories, Oh My!

During the second day of the DAS workshop with Kari Smith we focused on the differences and similarities among digital libraries, archives and repositories, as they relate to issues of digital preservation. The big take-aways from the session … [Continue reading]

Collaboration may be the key

Today I attended the first foundational course as part of the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certificate Program offered through SAA and ARL at Syracuse University. Kari Smith, the Digital Archivist, at MIT led the workshop and … [Continue reading]