Saa11: Session 605

Acquiring Organizational Records in a Social Media World: Documenting Strategies in the Facebook Era For my last session at SAA yesterday I heard three presenters sharing their experiences using social media to connect with undergraduates. Tim Pyatt’s “Not for the Uninitiated Documenting Secret Societies” conveyed how he has captured these organization’s records through Google searches, […]

Podcamp Western Massachusetts- Implementing Social Media

Yesterday I attended Podcamp Western Massachusetts held at Westfield State University. Podcamps began to pop up about 6 years ago when social media gurus Chris Brogan and Chris Penn decided to hold an “un-conference” to learn about podcasts, the word “pod” stuck and evolved into “podcamp” which has now come to represent an un-conference, where […]

Social Media- What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing?

Of course social media has its benefits. But there are certainly those practitioners in libraries and archives who wax sceptically about this “fad.” Top 10 Reasons Why I think Libraries & Archives should expand not limit their use of social media: 1. An on-line presence today is critical- we’ve all heard the phrase if you […]